definition centrally planned economy

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Why od centrally planned economies have. Planned economy | Define Planned economy.
Definition of 'Centrally Planned Economy' An economic system in which economic decisions are made by the state or government rather than by the interaction between
cen·tral (s n tr l) adj. 1. Situated at, in, or near the center: the central states. 2. Forming the center. 3. Having dominant or controlling power or influence: the
A national financial system where the country's government operates, owns and manages production facilities. Most communist countries have attempted to operate using

Centrally Planned Economy: Definition.

Why od centrally planned economies have.
An economic system is a system for producing, distributing and consuming goods and services, including the combination of the various institutions, agencies

definition centrally planned economy

definition centrally planned economy

What is centrally planned economy?.
noun an economic system in which the government controls and regulates production, distribution, prices, etc. Compare free enterprise . Origin: 1930-35 Dictionary
Central Economy Definition

centrally - definition of centrally by.

centrally planned economy Generally speaking, this term has been used as a synonym for communist economies


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